Take Care Of Your Lips

I wanted to let you know about a new product that can help you take care of your lips. Lips do not have sebaceous glands and they need hydration and moisture. They also need protection from the elements.

The Skin Wand Pro is the first wand that helps aid in product penetration. It also retexturizes lips safely, and it is easy to use.

Jessica developed The Skin Wand Pro during a time of shutdown and had plenty of time to test out her new tool. She found that the Skin Wand Pro triggered hydration retention and moisturizing by using the Skin Wand Pro 3 times a week with a water-based serum. Lips were one of her main focuses while doing case studies and found that she had less chapping, flaking, and increased plumping. She also found that her lipstick and gloss went on much smoother and lasted longer because her lips were hydrated and moisturized.

Here is her simple routine listed below:

  1. Cleanse face

  2. Apply water-based serum to lips allowing for slip

  3. In circular motion move SWP back and forth over taught skin

  4. After 2-3 minutes apply remainder of serum to ensure even product penetration

  5. Continue with regular routine

  6. Use 2-3 times a week for maximum results

We tend to take our lips for granted when it comes to our skincare. When in fact our lips say a lot about our first impression of people. Our lips can tell people that we are about drama, trustworthy, or protective. So taking care of our lips means more than just having plump soft lips to speak with.

Let's take care of our lips and make sure our first impressions are great ones.

Check out www.skinwandpro.com for more info.

Thank you,

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