Simple Is So Much Better

Back in my mid 30’s I thought I had finally conquered my adult acne with one simple product...coconut oil. That’s right! Coconut Oil was all the rage on social media back then. You could look up coconut oil and find all sorts of different ways it could help your body and skin, like oil pulling (yuck), face cleanser, hair conditioner, bug repellant, and basically a cure for all the world’s issues. I was addicted to using coconut oil and it seemed to work...for a short time.

I attended Esthetics School in my late 30’s and realized that most of the internet was WRONG. I learned all about ingredients and skin conditions. I learned how to combine those two to create a scientific based plan of attack. It was so fascinating and most of all, it made sense to me. Being able to figure out the best plan for each individual was what I was meant to do in life.

Here we are 3 years later and my practice takes pride in creating bespoke skincare plans for folks like myself that want real results with little effort. Now, the Esthetician works very long and hard on a plan that their clients need to have maximum results. Simplicity is the way to go. Choosing treatments that coincide with homecare takes somewhat of an artform and understanding of each individual’s skin and their concerns.

Care Plans need to consist of actual In-Office treatments, Post treatment care, Homecare recommendations, Supplement recommendations, Homecare Instructions, and a brief explanation of repeating back what concerns and issues discussed during consultation. The easier it is to understand for your client, the more likely you are to set your client up for success.

Think about adding this great tool to your toolbox and set up your clients for success, which ultimately sets YOU up for success.

- Jessica Cooley

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