Why Is Your Esty Important During COVID?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We are in some strange times. Our country is in the middle of a pandemic that has made the history books. COVID 19 has businesses shut down, families stuck at home working from a computer and our kids learning from AI. This new normal has our mental health in question.

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Estheticians have a way to calm your aura and soothe your mind all with touch. Touch has been proven to be an amazing stress reliever. This is why massage therapy has thrived during this new normal. What you probably don't know is that your skin changes with your stress level. It can become dehydrated, oily, broken out, and/or flushed.

When you have never had skin issues and then all of sudden your skin breaks out with acne lesions along your jawline and up on the lower face, your first body response is to stress out to the fact that you face is already responding to stress.It's basically an evil cycle. You stress out, your skin responds, you stress out about your skin's response.

Your Esthetician is ready to help you with these negative skin responses. A simple cleansing facial is so much more that just...simple. Facials consists of massage, acupressure, and professional ingredients. This combination maximizes results at the skin level, but also at the mental level.

Facials trigger the release of "Feel Good" chemicals in the brain. Dopamine is released by the favorable sensation of touch and aids in memory, learning, sense of reward. Serotonin is also released to increase mood and also aids in sleep.

As you can see...there's more to your Esthetician than just cleaning your face. We are here to help you from the inside out.

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