Importance of Facial Massage

Who doesn't love a fabulous facial with massage, hot towels, luxurious ingredients, and a little acupressure? All these components can make or break a facial experience.

I, as a Solo Esthetician, make every step of my facials an experience. There are 8 basic steps that create the structure of a facial: 1. Cleanse 2.Treatment Cleanse 3.Exfoliation 4.Treatment 5.Mask 6.Serum 7.Moisturizer 8.SPF. So basically there's 8 different experiences that can happen. These experiences could be the use of different facial brushes, the use of acupressure, hot towel treatment, and/or relaxing facial massage.

In #layersskinjourney facial treatments, ever step contains multiple experiences, but the main experience is facial massage. Why, you ask? That's's both function AND fashion. The art of facial massage begins with knowledge of the facial anatomy. Knowing how each muscle works and in what direction to go to maximize each movement. Massage also helps in fluid movement. Great blood circulation helps the skin to continue to receive awesome healthy oxygenated blood to help carry nutrients to the skin cells and also carry away free radicals. Lymphatic flow is what helps remove toxins from the body. If this system is not functioning properly, your skin can breakout, age quicker, and lose elasticity.

To perform proper lymphatic massage, pressure should be minimal. Do to the lymphatic system resting less than the thickness of a piece of paper from the surface, pressure should be with intent, but not heavy handed. Working your way from the middle line of the face and working out and to hairline. Once you have pushed toxins to the hairline, work your way towards the lymph nodes in the neck to release those toxins from the face. Lymphatic massage is a great addition to the service along with facial massage and acupressure.

Acupressure is where pressure points in the face correspond with a body part/system throughout the body. By using pressure points in the face you can aid in headache relief, digestion, clearing sinuses, and even balancing your moods that ultimately help sleep patterns. Acupressure is performed by the Press-Hold-Release technique. Each pressure point is pressed and held for a few seconds and then released. This is done 3-5 times per pressure point. These techniques can be done on yourself at home or added to the client experience for an amazing service.

Facial massage and Acupressure can take your service to the next level and maximize your treatments. In my professional opinion, I feel that there isn't a designated time to perform both experiences. You can perform these during each step. You can even perform them while a client is wrapped in a hot towel. Experiences can be sprinkled throughout the service and help separate you from the crowd.

Don't be surprised when your client begins to's a good thing.

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