60-90 minutes/   75


45-60 minutes/    85

The initial consultation is the most important. This consult will help us to best understand your skin, its functions, and possible reactions. Consultation consists of an in-depth analysis, total history including heritage, medical, and skin typing. Finalizing the consult with a fabulous bespoke facial and custom created home care system. 

Let's not forget about our back. Our body is covered in skin and can be treated the same way as our face. The Back Refresher will start with a fabulous brushing to get blood and lymph flowing, then we will cleanse with hydrating cleansers. Extractions will be done if needed. Enjoy a delicious scrub and hydrojelly mask to finish off this luxurious back treatment.


60-75  minutes/    95

This treatment is focused on the top layer of the skin. Removal of the dead skin cells can allow proper cellular turnover and ultimately healthy glowing skin from within. Treatment includes Dry Brushing to help increase blood and Lymph circulation, Microdermabrasion for removal of dead skin cells, and a Hydrojelly mask to help skin absorb vital nutrients. Add on LED to help aid in collagen production and healing.


45 minutes/    75

Let your legs get a refreshing, relaxing treatment that includes Brushing, Green tea cleanse, caffeine scrub, nourishing oils. Stimulating blood flow and the addition of caffeine when done on a regular basis will help with the appearance of cellulite.

Enzyme Facial

60 minutes/     110


60-75 minutes/    95

The Cool Glow treatment is for those wanting to get their glow back. The use of brightening ingredients and a Chemical peel will help eliminate hyperpigmentation, lighten acne scarring, and also aid in ingredient penetration. Add on LED to help rev up the healing process


60-75  minutes/    115

By reaching the lower layers of the skin, you are able to create more change. The Deep Layers treatment includes a Microdermabrasion facial to start the skin off fresh. Next we apply a Chemical Peel and allow it to soak in and create change like helping to eliminate fine lines/wrinkles, photodamage, dull skin tone. Finish off this "spicy" treatment with LED light therapy.

The Enzyme Facial consists of  a hydrating cleanse, soft jojoba bead scrub that gently exfoliates the skin without irritating the surface. Next is the first of 2 masks. The first mask is an enzyme mask that is activated by heat with hot towels and hot stones. This mask is removed using an ultra sonic skin scrapper. This process gently removes surface level debris and dead skin cells. Once surface debris is removed an enzyme peel is applied and massaged for ultimate effect. This peel penetrates the skin and dissolves away any deep dirt and debris and also helps replace hydration. The second mask is a calming enzyme mask with added Vitamin C serum to aid in the skin's natural SPF and defenses against free radial damage, leaving skin glowing.