What is corneotherapy?

The term "Corneotherapy" was coined back in the 1960's by Professor A.M.Kligman. His methodology was that of an "Outside/In" process. By keeping the epidermis in tact at all times, we can help correct and restore the skin's own barrier defense system.


Corneotherapy is a practice involving great detail to skin analysis and even further understanding in how the skin functions within itself and with the body. Our skin communicates in ways that help to tell the mind that there are underlying issues with the body...i.e. Acne does not always indicate hormone fluctuation as seen in teenagers or women during their menstruation. Acne can also be a sign of digestive issues, stress/cortisol levels, dehydration, lifestyle and work environment. By implementing a corneotherapy approach, we can better analyze the skin and get to the root of the issue, not just temporarily calm symptoms. 


support group education

Are you part of a support group looking for education on At-Home skincare regimens, safe, proper, prep for skin before treatments? It would be my honor to come visit your group and share information on how to safely keep your skin functioning in the right way and also have you leave knowing that you can make right decisions on what goes on your skin and in your body to best protect your skin's natural barrier. Contact me for more information. 


Are you wanting to support a cause? Contact me and we can come up with an event that is like no other. Are you looking for vendors for your next event, let me know when/where, and I'd love to share my passions with all your attendees.


This series of classes bring in outside-the-box esthetics knowledge. You will learn the art of touch, how to create a fabulous care plan, what an in-depth skin analysis needs to have to be effective, and ingredient power. Esthetics Tetris will be a 4 class series that you don't want to miss. COMING SOON!!!


Are you an Esty needing just a little refresher or wanting to learn about a different way of looking at Esthetics? I am here to help. Contact me if you want some one-on-one time. Please identify the subject and I will partner with models/clients that best fit your needs. We will go over out-of-the-box ways of thinking and new avenues you can use to maximize your esty career. 

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