75 minutes/      145

Nano-Channeling is a great treatment to help aid in collagen production, product penetration, hyperpigmentation and over all texture. Nano-Channeling creates micro channels in the epidermis that trigger the immune system to heal. These channels help serums to penetrate to the deepest levels and achieve ultimate results. 

High Frequency Facial

60 minutes/      125

High Frequency is the use of a low frequency electricity to aid in collagen building, acne, natural hydration boost, and fine lines and wrinkles. This facial includes a hydrating cleanse and gentle scrub to remove dirt and debris from the pores. A 10-15 minutes HF treatment is then massaged over the face to trigger areas of correction. This treatment is then finished off by your choice of HydroJelly mask. Custom serums and SPF is applied to finish out the High Frequency Facial. 

Oxygen Therapy

60 minutes/      135

Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that gives you an ultimate deep cleanse with 100% pure water and O2 treatments to detox the skin. Start with an O2 facial and Enzyme peel to help aid in a deep cleanse of pores. Next enjoy a Oxygen mask that reoxygenates the skin for a pure cleanse. Finish with a 100% pure water infusion along with a calming serum. You will leave Oxygenated Illuminating skin.

Radio Frequency Facial

60 minutes/       170

Radio Frequency (RF) is a low frequency energy that aids in skin tightening, collagen production, natural hydration, fat reduction. RF creates heat within the deeper layers of the skin, melting fat and triggering the fibroblasts in the dermis that creates collagen fibers. Each session is 15-30 minutes depending on location of treatment. Complete facial is included in the treatment so you don't leave sticky. Your "Slip Gel" can be customized with active ingredients also to maximize your treatment.

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