75 minutes/      145

Oxygen Therapy

60 minutes/      130


Nano-Channeling is a great treatment to help aid in collagen production, product penetration, hyperpigmentation and over all texture. Nano-Channeling creates micro channels in the epidermis that trigger the immune system to heal. These channels help serums to penetrate to the deepest levels and achieve ultimate results. 

Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that gives you an ultimate deep cleanse with 100% pure water and O2 treatments to detox the skin. Start with an O2 facial and Enzyme peel to help aid in a deep cleanse of pores. Next enjoy a Oxygen mask that reoxygenates the skin for a pure cleanse. Finish with a 100% pure water infusion along with a calming serum. You will leave Oxygenated Illuminating skin.

CBD Facial

60 minutes/      125

CBD is quickly becoming the go-to facial treatment for calming, correcting, and glowing for Spa Goers. CBD has the ULTIMATE in antioxidant properties along with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to stop triggers of acne. This treatment is also wonderful for those wanting that instant relief from inflammatory skin issues.

Acne Facial

60-75 minutes/     105

The Acne Facial was created to focus on acne and its many causes. There are so many reasons for acne and it takes a professional approach to be able to discern the root cause of YOUR specific acne. This facial contains a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, High Frequency, Enzyme peel, calming mask, serums, and SPF. Specific ingredients are added and used after in-depth analysis before service begins.

Hydrate & Lift Facial

60 minutes/     110

Hydrate & Lift Facial is our Microcurrent and Infrared Light therapy facial. This service consists of using hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Oil, mushroom amino acids, and Green Tea. Microcurrent is used to exercise the facial muscles to lift and tighten. It also relaxes under-worked muscles so they can strengthen. It also improves circulation and promotes hydration. Infrared Light therapy, developed by NASA for healing and promoting the skin's natural Hyaluronic Acid production. Infrared light goes deep into the hypodermis to also stimulate collagen/elastin rebuilding. This combination of technologies leaves the skin feeling and looking tightened, more supple, and ultimately more youthful.